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Black Mesa Trust Applauds Decision to Shutter Navajo Generating Station

(Kykotsmovi, Ariz.) Feb. 13, 2017 – “I am very happy and relieved that Black Mesa Trust’s struggle to save sacred waters on Black Mesa will finally end in 2019,” said Black Mesa Trust Executive Director Vernon Masayesva.

“Black Mesa Trust was founded in 1998 with the singular mission of saving drinking water stored deep under our sacred land. We will succeed, but the price for allowing industrial use of pristine drinking water has been unconscionably high,” he continued.

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Dear Friends and Supporters of Black Mesa TrustPowerful winds of change are sweeping across Black Mesa.  Where in the past Hopi bent and bowed to the force of corporate greed; today we stand firm against their storm tactics of intimidation and empty promises that threaten the well-being and our permanent homeland.When Peabody Coal Co. opened strip-mining on Black Mesa in 1970 it started using 1.4 billion gallons each year to slurry 5 billion tons of coal to an electric generating station through a 273 mile coal slurry pipeline to a 2500 megawatt Mohave Generating Station (MGS located at Laughlin, NV).In December 31, 2005, after a long fight, we, along with other environmental organizations and supporters ended coal-slurry operation.  As a result, MGS was permanently shut down and dismantled.Today, Navajo Generating Station (NGS) continues to operate using coal from our sacred homeland.  NGS supplies 2,500 megawatts of electric power to homes and businesses in Central/ Southern Arizona, Los Angeles and Nevada, to deliver Colorado River water uphill to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona through a 230 mile water Canal.

NGS, one of the dirtiest plants in the nation, contributing to global warming by emitting poisonous gases and depleting Colorado.

NGS and Peabody are planning to extend their operation up to 2044. If Peabody is granted approval from DOI Secretary, the amount of pristine sole-source water stored in ancient aquifers under Black Mesa will exceed 60 billion gallons.

With funding support and prayers from you, we will, and can end coal mining; thereby, saving our sacred waters for generations of children yet to come and pressure regulatory agencies to clean up mercury, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide that is harming our children, and the environment.  Please send a tax-deductible contribution, payable to Black Mesa Trust, today.

Help us save the oldest, continuing living civilization in North American.  Our history is also your history.



Vernon Masayesva

Founder and Director, Black Mesa Trust

Former Chairman, Hopi Tribe

The mission of Black Mesa Trust is to safeguard, preserve and honor the sacred land and water of the Black Mesa and our Mother Earth for future generations.blackmesamap

Black Mesa Trust was founded in 1999 by the Hopi people to address the severe environmental impact and destruction that Peabody Coal Company’s water withdrawals (from the Navajo Aquifer) were having on the environment, and the cultures of the Hopi and Diné (Navajo) people living on Black Mesa.  Over 30 years of groundwater pumping by Peabody has weakened the water pressure and the aquifers, causing many of our springs and washes to dry up.

We are committed to implementing advocacy initiatives and developing formal programs that educate and prepare our children for future leadership in regard to the stewardship of our land and sacred water.

We believe it is time for all of us to unite in defense of our sacred waters.

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