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Saving an Ancient Living Civilization

The Hopi Sinom people are descendants of ones who settled in Northern Arizona over 1,000 years ago.   Oraibi, one of the 12 pueblos, located in the Black Mesa Region settled around 1100 A.D., according to archaeologists.   Ancient Oraibi is a thriving village where over 500 people still live and farm today.   Their once vibrant culture is at a crisis, caused by the world’s largest coal strip-mining organization, The Peabody Energy Company and it’s subsidiary, Peabody Western Coal.   The company is using a questionablemining lease approved by a modern Hopi Tribal Council under pressure from U.S. Secretary of Interior in 1966 and was given rights to 670million tons of coal.  During the last 45 years Peabody has mined over 40 billion gallons of pristine water stored deep under Black Mesa, contaminating precious aquifers, and  destroying sacred burial sites.  The coal lease with the Hopi Tribe will end in 2025. However Peabody Western Coal has filed an application with the Secretary of Interior to extend coal and water mining up to the year 2044.

We, along with Hopi traditional and religious practitioners, are vehemently opposing the lease extension, and the desecration of our historical and sacred burial sites.  We are preparing to challenge both The Peabody Energy Company and the U.S. Secretary of Interior in Federal Court. Your donations will help fund our operations, assist us in travel expenses so our leaders can attend important Indigenous and Human Rights forums, and help to prepare us for litigation.

Please consider giving $25.00 or more to Black Mesa Trust.  Every dollar makes a difference. Send your tax deductible donation to Black Mesa Trust, P.O. Box 33, Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039 or donate direct online at 

Black Mesa Trust is a 501 (c) 3 non profit, tax exempt environmental organization. Your donations will help to keep our ancient culture alive so that we may continue to uphold our covenant to be good stewardsof Mother Earth and protect the sacred land and waters as a right of all sentient beings. Remember, our history is your history.

Thank you for your continued support,
Vernon Masayesva
Executive Director, Black Mesa Trust