Black Mesa trust is working on these very important projects at this time:

*STOP the coal mining on Black Mesa and raise funds and awareness to replace dirty coal with clean renewable solar energy.

*STOP the destruction of our sacred sites -Silpapuni -Hopi sacred land and burial site is in danger of  development. read more here:



We are appealing to the public and religious organizations to help put a stop to the construction of the resort near Siipa’puni, at the confluence of Little Colorado River Colorado River.  The resort called Escalante sits on Navajo Indian Reservation outside of Grand Canyon National Park boundary.  The project is still opposed by many Navajo, Zuni and Hopi citizens.

Siipa’puni is one the holiest places on earth and is therefore worthy of protection.   Siipa’puni means umbilical cord in the Hopi language.  Hopi people refer to it as the Place of Emergence from the Third to Fourth World.

*STOP the Grand Canyon Escalade project that proposes developing sacred land to place shopping, hotel and tourist attractions. read more here:


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*Be a part of our campaign

*Sponsor a fundraising benefit

*Book Executive Director Vernon Masayesva as a speaker for your event.

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